Native Cannabis - Blue Dream Flower

native cannabis - FLOWER

We are a 100% organic farm and grow exclusively in our proprietary mix of “super soil”. We do not use any salt based nutrients, even if they are labeled “organic.” We only use natural compost teas when our plants show signs of a specific deficiency.

native cannabis - Concentrates

We offer real medicine for real patients. Our tinctures are made using the whole plant. A proprietary blend of fresh flower, stem pulp, leaves and roots are combined to bring you the absolute best medicinal tincture as mother nature intended.

native cannabis - PRE ROLLS

1Gram Flower/Caviar Cones.

100% Organic, Premium Flower.

No shake, trim or other waste products.

Unbleached natural RAW cones.

Hand Painted in Live Rosin and Rolled in a blend of Hash/Kief.